Measure Developer Skill Over the Phone

Coding Hire makes you better at technical phone interviews so you can hire the best software developers.

Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by verifying your
candidates can code before you bring them on-site for a full interview.
Watch them code in real-time

Helping hundreds of companies hire better software developers
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Want to see a frustrated candidate? Try asking them coding questions over the phone and making them read their answers back to you. Actually, don't do that.

Instead, give them an amazing interview experience. Coding Hire requires zero setup for the candidate (no software to install, no account necessary). All they need is a web browser and they can start coding.


Bringing someone onsite is an expensive, time consuming process. Coding Hire will give you everything you need to evaluate skill over the phone.


Verbally explaining complex questions leads to confusion. With Coding Hire you don't have. By using pre-written questions, you can be sure the candidate will understand your requirements.


Hiring is a team process. You can create distinct logins for everyone on your team so that you know who did what. You can also have multiple interviewers participate in the same interview.


Our editor knows how to handle tabs, does syntax highlighting, has line numbers and all the good stuff.


This is where the rubber meets the road for developers. If they can't code, you don't want to hire them.


Sometimes you need a little more information before you decide which candidates to pursue further.
Can't I Just Use Google Docs?
Google Docs wasn't made for this. It doesn't have the seamless interview question switching. It doesn't do indentation properly or have syntax highlighting. You'll also miss out on Coding Hire's rating/feedback mechanism, built in timer, interview playback and everything else you need to properly analyze the interviewee.
Several people suggested we use Stypi or Google Docs instead, but after seeing how great our phone interview process is with Coding Hire, everyone is totally on board now. Your product is leaps and bounds above anything else out there."
Brent Sowers
Keep It All Organized
When you're doing lots of interviews, it can be hard to keep track of everything. We take care of that for you and make it easy to see what your next steps are.
Coding Hire has made our massive remote interviewing effort a lot easier. Our engineers conduct the interviews, and then rate and leave feedback about the interview. The reliability, ease of use, and features tailored for a remote interview are second to none."
James Price