Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime by logging in and clicking the cancel link. If you need a refund then email us.

We only want your money if you're happy with our product

2. What kind of access does the interviewee have to the interview?

The Interviewee can only see the questions as you post them and anything you type into the coding area. They can NOT get back to their interview after it's over, they cannot see time elapsed, your notes or ratings, previous questions or any of your other data.

3. Once I'm signed up, can I run some practice interviews before I use it on a real candidate?

Yes. If we detect that an interview was only connected to from a single I.P. address, you will have the option to cancel it and reclaim the interview credit.

4. What if my computer crashes, the power goes out, or the site crashes in the middle of an interview?

Your interview will be saved at the last point in which you where still on it. Coding Hire is constantly saving every change that is made.

5. What happens if I use up all of my monthly interviews?

You have the option to buy additional, non-expiring credits. These credits cost a little more than those included in your monthly plan, but they never expire.

6. How are credits used?

Your monthly interview credits will always be consumed before your non-expiring credits.

The monthly credits are reset each month according to your payment plan.

7. How long is the candidate data stored?

Forever, unless you decide to delete it.

8. Can we use a single account to conduct multiple interviews at the same time (logged in from different computers)?

Yes you can. In addition, if you want to give everyone at your company their own login, you can do that as well.

9. How would we implement this tool at my company if we have 50 interviewers and 2 recruiting coordinators?

Once an interview is scheduled, your coordinator would login and add the candidate (optionally uploading their resume).

When that time arrives, the interviewer will use their own login to access the candidate's interview. Next, they will share the url with the candidate (it looks like this ""). The url can be sent several days in advance by the coordinator, or can be read over the phone at interview time.

When finished, the interviewer closes the interview, adds some comments and gives a rating.

If you want some footage of how the interview works, watch the Conducting an Interview video.

10. What programming languages does Coding Hire support?

Coding Hire can be used for any text based programming language, however we only support syntax highlighting for the following: