Technical Interview Book List

There are quite a few books about technical interviews. Most of them are written for the interviewee, but are still loaded with good info that you can use to improve your hiring process. I have compiled a list of 12 books, which you can find at the bottom of this page, but first, a few highlights.

Cracking the Coding Interview

This is the best seller on the list, and for good reason. It starts out with an inside look at the hiring process of several top companies (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo!), and then does a deep dive into 150 coding questions. For each question there is a discussion of the process the candidate should go through to arrive at a solution. The author emphasizes that it's not about memorizing solutions, but practicing the process of solving new problems.

The book is targeted toward candidates, but there's a lot of really good info that hiring managers can pull from. She talks a lot about the mindset of the interviewer and how they should typically evaluate candidates.

Elements of Programming Interviews

The focus of this book is teaching candidates to solve data structure, algorithm, system design and problem solving questions. It's probably the most technical book on the list with over 300 of these questions within it's 504 pages!

This book also contains a chapter on "Conducting An Interview" with some helpful tips.

Programming Interviews Exposed

This one is a little more introductory and starts off with advice on what types of jobs a person should apply for and how to go about applying. It spends many more pages explaining programming basics such as how Array differ per language and what Threads are. It also contains questions and answers.

Smart and Gets Things Done

A collection of timeless essays about hiring developers from Joel on Software, this is the only book I found targeted toward those on the hiring side of the table. It goes into depth on the types of people you should hire and how to interview them.

Here's the Full List

Title Author Date Amazon Rank
Cracking the Coding Interview Gayle Laakmann McDowell 2011-08-22 572
Elements of Programming Interviews Adnan Aziz, Tsung-Hsien Lee, Amit Prakash 2012-11-11 3,624
Programming Interviews Exposed John Mongan, Noah Kindler, Eric Giguere 2012-11-13 7,546
The Google Resume Gayle Laakmann McDowell 2011-03-01 28,725
Are You Smart Enough to Work at Google? William Poundstone 2012-09-04 47,943
How Would You Move Mount Fuji? William Poundstone 2004-04-02 122,366
Ace the Programming Interview Edward Guiness 2013-06-24 129,460
Smart and Gets Things Done Joel Spolsky 2007-05-31 165,089
Programming Problems: A Primer for the Technical Interview Bradley Green 2012-03-27 175,342
Coding Interview Questions Narasimha Karumanchi 2012-05-02 214,350
Coding Interviews: Questions, Analysis & Solutions Harry He 2012-12-19 636,181
Effective Coding Interviews Jian Lee 2013-05-13 665,498