Using the Team Features

Hiring developers is a team process. You'll want to get several people involved during the technical phone screens and interviews.

The team feature allows you to share credits, interviews, candidates, interview questions, notes etc, but without forcing everyone to login with the same email and password.

To use this feature follow these 3 steps.

  1. login to your account
  2. click on the "team" tab
  3. add your teammate's email (or a comma separated list if there are multiple)

An email will be sent to each member of your team with login instructions, and a temporary password.

If your team member already has an account that you would like to have linked up, please contact me by email.

By default, new members of your team will be created as non-admins. Only admins have access to make upgrades, add team members, promote other team members to admin, disabled team members, setup the interview auto archive, etc.

Promoting Someone to Admin

To promote someone to an admin, you will need have a current admin (the person who setup the account, or someone else they've made an admin) go to the team page and promote them, by clicking the entry in the admin column next to their name.