Auto Archiving Interviews

When you hire a new employee, you probably don't want them to see the comments and ratings they were given during their phone interview. However, you also don't want to lose all that data in case you need it for future reference. To solve this dilemma, any interviews that your archive, will only be accessible by users with admin privileges.

However, it's hard to remember to archive those interviews, so we've added a feature to help you. To enable auto-archive, go to the "team" tab and find the "Auto Archive" settings near the bottom. Just check the box and set the number of days you'd like to wait between when the interview takes place, and when they get moved to the archive.

In order for this to work effectively, you'll need to be using the team features. If you don't feel like creating seperate logins for everyone, you can get away with creating 1 additional login that has the admin privileges.